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Feel-good Tincture Trio

Feel-good Tincture Trio


Save when you buy three 1 oz. tinctures together! Makes an excellent gift for an herby loved one.


St. John's Wort

Summer sunlight in a bottle! St. John's Wort is renowned for lifting spirits on the darkest of days. With its affinity for moving stagnation in the gut, this plant can be an excellent ally for those "stuck" in low gear. The tincture naturally has a bright, citrusy, and mildly bitter flavor.


Caution: Studies show that this plant may interact with certain pharmaceuticals. St. John's wort can speed up metabolization in the liver, which can interfere with how drugs move through the body. Please consult with a doctor before taking this tincture with any medications.


Milky Oats

When your nerves are frayed and you're feeling depleted, Avena sativa is the friend you need. Full of nourishing vitamins and minerals, moistening, and soothing to the nervous system, these oat tops are harvested in the "milky" stage when the immature seedhead contains a nutrient-dense white liquid. The tincture naturally has a grassy, sweet grain flavor.


Hawthorn Berry

Support your heart, emotionally and physically, with Hawthorn. Packed with antioxidant flavonoids, the berries from this revered tree have been consumed by humans around the world since ancient times. The tincture naturally has a warming, grounding, sour, and slightly sweet flavor.


All the herbs are grown and hand-harvested by Emily here at Moonrise Meadows Farm in northwest Washington. See our About page for why regeneratively grown, local herbs matter.

  • Suggested Use

    Take 1-2 droppers full in water or tea, as often as needed. 

  • Ingredients

    St. John's Wort

    Grain alcohol, Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort), water

    1:4 extract in 60% alcohol


    Milky Oats

    Grain alcohol, Avena sativa (Oat tops), water

    1:3 extract in 60% alcohol



    Grain alcohol, Crataegus monogyna (Common Hawthorn), water

    1:2 extract in 75% alcohol

  • Return Policy

    Thank you for supporting a small, female-farmer-owned business. All products are made by hand and may have slight variances. We cannot accept returns at this time.

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