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Moonrise Mountains
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Nourishing Our Bodies & the Land

Moonrise Meadows is an herbal farm and apothecary located in the Cascade foothills of Northwest Washington. Our farm comprises 20 acres of open field and forest, bisected by a seasonal spring-fed creek. All the herbs that make up our formulas are grown in our low-till garden or are sustainably harvested from the wild abundance of the land. We steward this land that is home to bald eagles and countless native pollinators by practicing regenerative agriculture principles. Herbs are hand-harvested and formulated in small batches in harmony with the seasons. 

Herbal Apothecary

Handmade, small-batch, farm-to-bottle goodness. Tinctures, hydrosols, body oils, and herbal steams sustainably made from herbs grown right here on the farm.

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All of our herbs are grown right here on our farm. This ancient glacial valley surrounded by cedar forest is blessed with ample winter rain and summer heat, well-drained soil, and deep layers of organic matter in the ground. The terrior is present in the flavor and scent of the herbs. Unlike many herbal formulas that contain ingredients of dubious quality from overseas, you can trust that our products are fresh and local.

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In order to grow healthy plants, you need to grow healthy soil. Our farming philosophy focuses on building biodiversity above and below-ground through minimal tillage, no synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides, cover-cropping, and mulching. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and strive for beyond organic management practices.

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According to the USDA census, 36% of farm producers are female, but only 9% of farms are entirely run by women. Moonrise Meadows Farm is proudly founded and run by Emily Erickson-Mills. She's a first-generation farmer who started this business while working full-time at another farm. It takes many early mornings, late evenings, and a whole lot of love and sweat to build this dream.

“Know the ways of the ones who take care of you, so that you may take care of them."

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